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Your business deserves to dominate search engine rankings, especially Google, the most important of all.

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We make sure that our strategy will give you the edge to have more customers purchasing your products and services.


We stay ahead of all the competitors and participate in mastermind teams with the world’s leading SEOs. We discuss all the new procedures, methods to no longer use because of ineffectiveness and harness what is functioning. We stay ahead of the competition and you experience these advantages directly!

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You will have our personal e-mails and phone numbers and an open-door policy. We’re here to assist you whether there is a question, an issue to be solved or you are looking for an upgrade about your site, we welcome your requests. We’re not the usual faceless business. You will really get to know all of US.

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We deliver monthly reviews with the most important information, key metrics and position upgrades of your website, to make sure you are fully prepared and aware of any industrial changes and updates, as well as to assist you securing your market leading online business position.


We aren’t pleased with only the leading position. We aim to take over the whole first page. Not many agencies possess the skills to actually take good care of their customers. Our knowledge, testing and experience put us in the place to do just that.

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Month-to-month agreements. We do not force you to sign long-term contracts because we are confident in the value we bring to your business.

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No cutting corners and use of black hat tactics. We never use these methods. All projects are created and implemented in-house by our staff of online marketing professionals.

” Adam’s SEO skills will put what you thought was out of sight for your company– in sight. We were so lucky to find him and extra lucky he was able to do our job. I would recommend him to anyone! ”



Welcome, we are TORNADO SEO, an internationally recognized company and we are certain you arrived on our website by looking for an SEO consulting agency in search engines in one of the locations we do business.

If your business, products or services are not listed on page 1 of Google then truth must be faced that you are missing the vast majority of online search traffic because your competitors rank ahead of you. You might be thinking what could an SEO expert bring to your company? In short, all the difference there is. The internet is everywhere, your potential customers are looking for solutions, products and services in Google and most of the time people go with what they find on Page 1 in Google.

Our vision is to help businesses reach heights that were out of reach before. We will provide a free consultation and analysis of your website. In this video, we give an honest summary of the current situation and shed light on the crucial changes we can implement to bring your business where it deserves to be!

Why Search Engine Optimization?

Selecting the right SEO company plays a large part in your success because they will create the lifeblood of your online presence: Traffic. To make the selection process easier, the following key points will give you the most assistance in finding candidates that perfectly suit your business goals.

1. Time to Decide
When it comes to search engine optimization, time is quickly running out because your business competitors  are at hard work to take the top positions in Google. Our expertise and optimized strategies will help you save valuable time because we know exactly what steps are required to achieve top rankings in Google in a reasonable time frame. This will give you the luxury that you can concentrate your focus on other projects to expand your business.

2. Keyword Strategy
Keyword optimization is a fundamental element of search engine marketing, if not the most important. Search algorithms crawl your website looking for indicators, such as keywords, to determine where to rank your website in the results. After we analyze your content, we create a specific keyword optimization strategy that includes primary and secondary keywords to help your website rank better. A detailed report will show you how these correct keywords increase traffic to your website.

3. Company Size
Make sure you partner with an SEO agency that offers personalized pricing according to the size of your business. The process is different for all businesses and we know that the best way to reach potential customers is with optimized strategies that are tailored to individual businesses. If you go with a general strategy that is widely used by a lot of companies, your business will not stand out from the crowd and your potential consumers will never find your website.

4. Outstanding Customer Service
As you begin working with your SEO agency, you want to make sure that they are able to effectively handle situations, answer your questions and take care of problems. At Tornado SEO, we solve issues in a timely manner and we are known for our precise work ethic that provides significant ranking results. To make our partnership even more effective, we take care of your concerns even before they become questions.

5. Optimized Linking Strategies
There is a huge difference between ranking for certain keywords and having a complete, optimized linking strategy. In order to have a successful SEO project, we develop and implement optimized one-way and reciprocal linking processes. We not only fully analyze the linking structure, we also create a customized plan that shows how we plan to make the structure more effective.

6. Premium Quality Service
Development and implementation of a proper search engine optimization strategy could be a time consuming and complicated task. Researching proper keywords that bring substantial traffic to your website with low competition is also not an easy task. For SEO, you should not expect the cheapest service to get significant results, however, you should not pay the highest price either. We offer reasonable pricing for our high-quality services and fully stand behind our work.

7. Long-Term Goals & Results
One of the main reasons more businesses choose our services is because we deliver our promises and create results that stay in a timely manner. When you start working with us, we will show and explain how the online exposure of your website will be increased, ultimately achieving top rankings in search engines. Our strategies are optimized for long-lasting results so you can enjoy a constant flow of customers, clients and increasing revenue.

These key points should give you a guideline for selecting the right SEO company. You not only will be able to get started on the right path, but to methodically increase your online exposure on a long term basis and secure top rankings in Google. We have already successfully ranked businesses, imagine what results we could achieve for your business.

You could be continuously losing potential customers if your website is not ranking for important keywords on page 1 of Google because your competitors rank ahead of you.  When you think about it, our world has changed drastically  because of the internet and how we constantly use it. Using laptops, tablets or smartphones people are searching for local businesses, products and services on the internet before they purchase.

We also assist you to get your website mobile optimized which is crucial when people browse your website from mobile devices. It is important to note, according to Google, that almost 66% of the searches originate from mobile devices. When your website is not mobile optimized you miss all these potential customers. We are happy to offer a free website analysis and consultation where we give you an honest review of your website and show how we could achieve outstanding results for your business.

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